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I have a Git repository on a server and on the same server I have a script which needs to do a git archive of the repository.

Here's my sample git archive command which works well for remote Git repositories:

sudo git archive --remote=ssh://uname@dev.example.com/var/repo/myrepo.git --format=tar --output=src.tar development

What would I need to do/change to execute the aforementioned command on the same server so that I don't need to put all the SSH stuff? Since the command is running on the same machine as the repository, can I get away with directly accessing the Git directory.


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cd .../yourcode
sudo git archive --format=tar --output=src.tar development

(it is probably unnecessary to sudo)

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+1 for example command. (I'll leave my post up in case some users prefer the prose version.) –  Chris Jester-Young Aug 22 '11 at 20:56

Sure. Just run git archive from the directory that contains the local repo, and don't specify --remote.

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From the directory that is your git repository run: git archive | bzip2 > full/relative/or/qualified/path/to/place/you/want/to/store/your/archive.tar.bz2

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