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I tried to find a free .NET API which I could use for making a messenger client and after searching I found it can be done using JBuddy SDK.

Instant Messaging SDK : The JBuddy SDK

From what the site says, they made a wrapper for .NET of their Java API for yahoo messenger called JBuddy.dll

I downloaded the JBuddy Developer Tools and got a JBuddy.jar instead of a *.dll as expected.

How can i obtain JBuddy.dll and use it to make a very simple yahoo messenger client?

Thanks for replies!

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From what I gathered from their help files. You execute the .jar file. Install the dev tools and you can select .NET tools in the installer list. More information can be found here Getting Started PDF

Edit: After installing it myself I found the Jbuddy.dll file in 'Drive letter:\JBuddy\JBuddySDK\lib' and samples in C# can be found in 'JBuddy\JBuddySDK\demos\C#'. Hope it helped!

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embarrassed :) I actually extracted the .jar and was searching for a .dll inside :) – Răzvan Panda Aug 22 '11 at 21:32
Can happen to all of us :D! – Citroenfris Aug 22 '11 at 21:51

I clicked on the download link and got this file: JBuddyDeveloperTools-6.3.110808.jar.

I double clicked on this and it installed the developer tools, complete with the dll.

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