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How would I include contents from one channel into another channel? For instance, If I have a channel of projects. And then I'd like to add items within that project.

- Item 
   - url
   - caption
- Item 
   - url
   - caption
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There is an new free alternative to Matrix: Grid Lite

Matrix is maybe over the top for your needs, even if it is one of my favorite EE addon.

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grid lite worked, thank you. – miketucker Aug 27 '11 at 17:26

I can think of three approaches here:

  1. Use a Matrix field within your Project channel to add multiple items to each project.
  2. Make a "Project Items" channel, and in that channel add a relationship field (or Playa field) that points to your Projects channel. This would link each item with its parent Project. When displaying your Project on the front-end, you'd use reverse-related entries to display that Project's items.
  3. Make each Project a category, and then assign each entry in your Project Items channel to the proper Project category. (The downside here is that categories can only have very limited data associated with them - name, description, and image.) On the front-end you'd use the Channel Categories tag to display your Projects (categories), then then list that Projects items below using the Channel Entries tag and the category parameter.

Each of these approaches would work!

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It sounds like you already have these two channels set up, so Matrix or Grid Lite, while great solutions, would require a lot of migrating work on your part.

Do you have a custom field that relates the two channels right now? i.e. in the Items channel, is there a custom field that allows you to choose (or write) which project the item belongs to? If that's the case, I can work toward a solution from there.

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