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I'm populating a TextView with text and phone numbers, like so:

tv.setText("Here is a phone number: 1234567890.  OK?");

That appears fine in my emulator. Now, I want to linkify the phone numbers, so I've done the following:

tv.setText("Here is a phone number: 1234567890.  OK?");

This makes the phone number disappear and I see:

Here is a phone number:           .  OK?

It's basically showing the phone number but it's invisible. If I touch the space where the (invisible) phone number is then Android loads up the dialer and dials 1234567890. It's not that the phone number is white on white -- I've changed the background to red and it does not appear white on red -- it is invisible.

Any clues? Thanks.

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Try setting the android:textColorLink attribute on your TextView.

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Quick solution, thanks very much. – jarmod Aug 22 '11 at 23:42

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