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I want to know if and how to convert that code to LINQ.

private PointF FindCrashPoint()
    List<PointF> bikeLeftEdge, bikeRightEdge, searchedEdge, otherEdge;
    BikeEdges(out bikeLeftEdge, out bikeRightEdge);

    // Find the first point of the bike that's outside the track.
    int firstOutsideTheTrack = bikeLeftEdge.FindIndex(point => !track.OnTrack(point));
    if (firstOutsideTheTrack != -1)
        searchedEdge = bikeLeftEdge;
        otherEdge = bikeRightEdge;
        firstOutsideTheTrack = bikeRightEdge.FindIndex(point => !track.OnTrack(point));
        if (firstOutsideTheTrack == -1)
            throw new CrashPointNotFound("Every checked bike's point was inside the track.");
        searchedEdge = bikeRightEdge;
        otherEdge = bikeLeftEdge;

    // Find the closest point to the first outside the track which is already
    // inside the track. That's the crash point.
    if (firstOutsideTheTrack > 0)
        return searchedEdge[firstOutsideTheTrack - 1];

    int firstInsideTheTrack = searchedEdge.FindIndex(track.OnTrack);
    if (firstInsideTheTrack == -1)
        firstInsideTheTrack = otherEdge.FindIndex(track.OnTrack);
        if (firstInsideTheTrack == -1)
            throw new CrashPointNotFound("Every checked bike's point was outside the track.");
        searchedEdge = otherEdge;

    return searchedEdge[firstInsideTheTrack];
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Why? What specifically are you trying to achieve by such a re-factor? It already looks quite readable in it's current form to me... –  Reddog Aug 23 '11 at 0:02
LINQ isn't some silver bullet that solves all problems. –  Amy Aug 23 '11 at 1:19
This is a fragment of school project I have to do. I have to use LINQ somewhere (to prove that I know how to use it). This fragment seemed to me like the most appropriate. Yeah, it is readable but I thought it would take less lines using LINQ. And the fact is I don't know how to convert that to LINQ. I will learn something if somebody shows me. –  Robert Aug 23 '11 at 11:04

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