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As the question states, I wish to translate android keycodes to java awt keycodes that java.awt.Robot can use in its keyPress() and keyRelease() methods.

The mapping is different in the two, is there a library that provides a translator? Or do I have to research the mapping charts and hardcode them in myself >

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Me too, I have been wondering why Android does not follow ASCII.

I made a hardcode too, but it's a bit concise, hope that helps:

public static int toAscii(int key) {
  if (key >= KeyEvent.KEYCODE_A && key <= KeyEvent.KEYCODE_Z)
    return key - KeyEvent.KEYCODE_A + 'A';
  else ...
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I am starting to just hardcode it:

private int translateKeyCode(int keyCode)
    switch (keyCode)
        case AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_0:
            return KeyEvent.VK_0;
        case AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_1:
            return KeyEvent.VK_1;
        case AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_2:
            return KeyEvent.VK_2;
        case AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_3:
            return KeyEvent.VK_3;
        // 300 miles more of this stuff
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To say it more concisely, the answer to the question is: no, there's no easy way to just plug in a library. Robot is kind of fatally flawed that way really. –  Daniel Werner Aug 23 '11 at 0:29
Fair enough. I'd consider using a Map instead though... –  laher Nov 7 '11 at 2:07

You can use event.getUnicodeChar() method. event is an object of KeyEvent class.

int asciiKey = event.getUnicodeChar(event.getMetaState());
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