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Does defrecord support named parameters? i.e. if if I have something like this:

(defrecord Person [name age])

Can I do something like this:

(Person. {:age 99 :name "bob"})
(Person. :age 99 :name "bob")

The only thing I see by googling is stuff like this:

(Person. "bob" 99)

Which seems less clear...

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Added in Clojure 1.3, defrecord automatically creates a constructor which takes a map called e.g. map->Person See dev.clojure.org/display/design/defrecord+improvements –  James May 10 '12 at 12:16

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Not currently.

But you can just forget about naming the parameters and use an extension map:

(defrecord Person [])

(Person. nil {:age 99 :name "bob"})

I personally find this to be the easiest way to use records when you have large numbers of possible fields.

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ok...but what is the nil doing before the map? –  Kevin Aug 23 '11 at 21:55
it's for metadata if you want it...... –  mikera Aug 23 '11 at 22:42
thanks, I'll mark this as the correct answer since it seems like the most reasonable workaround. –  Kevin Aug 24 '11 at 15:54

Not built in, but you could use something like:

(defmulti make-instance (fn [class & rest] class))
(defmacro defrecord* [record-name fields]
    (defrecord ~record-name ~fields)
    (defmethod make-instance (quote ~record-name) [_# & {:keys ~fields}]
      (new ~record-name ~@fields))))
(defrecord* Person [name age])
(make-instance 'Person :age 99 :name "bob")

Not sure how suitable that would be for what you want.

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It looks like this is not yet supported by clojure?


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