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I am aware that there is something special about tapestry services/resources such as Request, Messages etc which are only available in the context of a component render.

I need to create a service which makes heavy use of the messages store and is available only in the scope of a component render.

Can someone explain how I can configure this service correctly so that I can create it with the appropriated Messages object each time it is used?

eg (i know this wouldn't work):

public class MyServiceImpl
    @Inject private Messages messages;

    public String getSomeMessage(Object someParameter)

and then i could use it like so:

public class MyComponent
    private MyService myService;



Thanks, Paul.

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turns out the best solution was to pass the messages object into another service's methods as an argument:

@Inject @Property private MyService myService;
@Inject @Property private Messages messages;

<t:output value="myService.getSomething(messages)" />
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