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I am using the PHP Soap Library to connect to Amazon and retrieve product cover art from ASINs. That much I've accomplished, but according to the Agreement (at least as far as I can tell; IANAL), any info I get from the API must be linked to its respective Product Detail Page on the Amazon retail site. I've browsed through the docs, but for the life of me I can not figure out what method, etc. I need to use, short of constructing the URL manually (which is potentially unstable). Any insight?

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Figured it out. This is the code I ended up using:

class AmazonMusicSearch extends AmazonECS {
    protected $asin;
    protected $detailPageUrl;
    protected $ecs;

    function __get($name) {
        return $this->$name;

    function __construct() {
        $this->ecs = new parent(AZ_APP_ID, AZ_APP_SECRET, 'com', AZ_ASSOCIATE_TAG);

    function searchByAsin($asin) {
        $search = $this->ecs->responseGroup('Small')->category('Music')->search($asin);

        $this->asin = $asin;

        if(isset($search['Items']['Item']['DetailPageURL'])) {
            $this->detailPageUrl = $search['Items']['Item']['DetailPageURL'];
        } elseif(isset($search['Items']['Item'][0]['DetailPageURL'])) {
            $this->detailPageUrl = $search['Items']['Item'][0]['DetailPageURL'];
        } else {
            return false;

        return $this;

    function detailPageFromAsin($asin) {
        return $this->searchByAsin($asin)->detailPageUrl;
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