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I'm trying to export just one object with mongoexport, filtering by its ID.

I tried:

mongoexport -d "kb_development" -c "articles" -q "{'_id': '4e3ca3bc38c4f10adf000002'}"

and many variations, but it keeps saying

connected to:
exported 0 records

(and I'm sure there is such an object in the collection)

In mongo shell I would use ObjectId('4e3ca3bc38c4f10adf000002'), but it does not seem to work in the mongoexport query.

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I think you should be able to use ObjectId(...) in the query argument to mongoexport:

mongoexport -d kb_development -c articles -q '{_id: ObjectId("4e3ca3bc38c4f10adf000002")}'

If that does not work, you can use the "strict mode" javascript notation of ObjectIds, as documented here:

mongoexport -d kb_development -c articles -q '{_id: {"$oid": "4e3ca3bc38c4f10adf000002"}}'

(Also note that strict mode JSON is the format produced by mongoexport)

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Thanks dcrosta, I thought I had tried these ways, but I guess I messed up with " and 's ! Problem solved :) – Blacksad Aug 23 '11 at 2:16

You have to specify the _id field by using the ObjectId type. In your question it was specified as a string.


mongoexport -h localhost -d my_database -c sample_collection -q '{key:ObjectId("50584580ff0f089602000155")}' -o my_output_file.json

NOTE :: dont forgot quotes in query

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My MongoDB verion: 3.2.4. when I use mongoexport tool in mongo shell:


-q '{"_id":ObjectId("5719cd12b1168b9d45136295")}'

-q '{_id: {"$oid": "5719cd12b1168b9d45136295"}}'


-q "{_id:ObjectId('5719cd12b1168b9d45136295')}"

- Though in mongo doc , it says that

You must enclose the query in single quotes (e.g. ') to ensure that it does not interact with your shell environment.

- But, single quote(') does not work! please use double quote(")!

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You do not have to add ObjectId or $oid as suggested by answers above. As has been mentioned by @Blacksad, just get your single and double quotes right.

mongoexport -d kb_development -c articles -q '{_id:"4e3ca3bc38c4f10adf000002"}'

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