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I am looking for an open source flat file (comma separated values for example) of the major cities in this world, together with their latitude longitudes and timezone. The first 1000 or more is fine. Is such a resource available? Thanks.

Eventually, a combination of two flats files (lat/long & timezone) is fine too.

I have seen similar questions on SO, but none answering this one. I need it for a software application.

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See also this community wiki entry – Matt Johnson Apr 18 '13 at 16:29
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Have a look at:

here is also a free version:

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This one has a lot of duplicate entries in it, which are different by one letter and etc. – saganas Jun 16 at 16:33

You can take a look at this

tells you the lat-long info of all major cities with airports

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The following command converts the database to "City, Country:LatDecimal:LonDecimal" format. cat GlobalAirportDatabase.txt | grep -v "00:00:00" | awk -F':' '{print $4", "$5":"$9""($6+$7/60+$8/3600)":"$13""($10+$11/60+$12/3600)}' | sed 's/:S/:-/' | sed 's/:U/:-/' | sed 's/:N/:/' | sed 's/:E/:/' > WorldCities – Richard Sep 16 '14 at 23:32

Building on Parapura's answer (+1 for the great idea of using airport lists):

Here is another much more complete airport database (46325 airports as of today and apparently actively maintained).

To hopefully save other's time, here are the few command lines I used to get it all:


To get major cities, I would use the airports qualified as "large_airport".

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This one ships as CSV files and contians latitude longitudes and timezones.

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