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I'm looking for asserts in the style of Google's testing framework, where something like ASSERT_LT(a, b) will check that $a is less than $b, and if not, will print the values of $a and $b in the error message. The asserts I've found so far just stop execution without printing anything useful by default. Any pointers?

Bonus: I like to write assertion-heavy code (not just in the tests), so it would be nice if the assertions are quick to evaluate.

Context: I came across this when writing unittests using this code as a template.

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You linked to the ScalaTest framework. Are you saying that when a ScalaTest assertion fails, it doesn't print a useful error message? Or are you saying you want something like ScalaTest without actually using ScalaTest? If the latter, how come you don't want to use it? – Kipton Barros Aug 23 '11 at 4:06
I'm saying ScalaTest doesn't appear to have everything I want. This might me a matter of me not understanding what's available in ScalaTest, but the only informative operator I see is "===" which can only be used when asserting equality. I would like to assert an inequality and get an informative error message if the assert fails. – emchristiansen Aug 23 '11 at 4:38
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Specs2 defines a number of matchers such as must be_<=. At first I thought these needed to integrated into a specification, but at the bottom of the matchers page it says that they are modular functionality that "you should be able to reuse in your own test framework". As an example, "You can reuse [traits such as] org.specs2.matcher.MustMatchers to write anything like 1 must be_==(1) and get a Result back".

ScalaTest has its own matchers, as well. For example, one must be < (7).

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def assert_<[A <% Ordered[A]](a: => A, b: => A) { 
  assert(a < b, "Assertion failed: expected %s < %s" format (a, b)) 

scala> assert_<(2, 1)
java.lang.AssertionError: assertion failed: Assertion failed: expected 2 < 1
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