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Which is the best pattern to work with object serialization, WCF and nhibernate + Oracle.

I mean, nhibernate is a Generic ORM tool, and i would like to make my WCF Service generic too.

Imagine that, my service has only 3 Generic Methods: "Save", "Delete", "Get" and each method has its message type.

I've tried to serialize object using JSON ... and pass it to WCF, but i've had a lot of problems with JSON Serialization (cyclic references and etc).

How do you guys implement a large-scalable-solution?

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If you are looking for a data access over WCF, look into WCF Data Services. Its supports many data formats including JSON

The protocol is discussed here:

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but, this is just for http protocol ? What about net tcp ? – Luis Filipe Aug 25 '11 at 5:01

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