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I am trying to returning a string like this.

 $col="<td><input ".$name." type='".$field['1']."' ".$id."  ".$class." value='".eval( '?>    '.$row[$field["2"]] .'<?php ')."'".$size." ".$maxlength." ".$disabled." ".$readonly." /></td>";

I need

value='".eval( '?>'.$row[$field["2"]] .'<?php ')."'

to be evaluated after the string is returned into the page so i can use my sql call

 $row = $core->getRowById("email_users", $user->userid,"userid");

I include the row here.

<input type="text" readonly="readonly" disabled="disabled" size="55" value="<?= $row['username'];?>" class="inputbox" name="username">

It would then evaluate this


How can I go about doing this? Do I use eval?

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If I get your point: You can't do that, PHP doesn't work in a multipass way. Your eval would be a plain string in output. You have to use either POST or GET back to this page, check whether $_POST or $_GET exists, and act accordingly.

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Ok, thank you very much –  Tom Aug 23 '11 at 4:55

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