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I have the following requirement;

I want to show a products configured related products on the category listing page (list.phtml). I figured I could make some call on the list.phtml inbetween the for each loop for each product using the [b]$_product[/b] variable but I can't seem to populate the relatedProductCollection sorry new to all this is it even possible.

<?php foreach ($_productCollection as[b] $_product[/b]):?>
    <li class="item<?php if( ++$_iterator == sizeof($_productCollection) ): ?>last<?php endif; ?>" >
        <div class="product-shop">
            <div class="f-fix">

                     <?php  $product->getRelatedProductCollection(); ?>

<?php endforeach; ?>
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$product has been used to call the getRelatedProductCollection function.


In that foreach loop you have taken it as $_product.

Can you see the difference ??

Underscore is missing. This is taken from your code. Make the variable same in both the places and try.

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