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Following these instructions http://robertogds.com/post/3324511589/howto-backbone-js-using-rails-3

The issue/error is that the content is never saved to the db. Using Firebug it appears that the POST json request is incorrect: content "empty todo..." done false
text "test"

Basically, the backbone.js event fires a json update that takes the input data ("test") and creates a new model attribute "text" instead of updating the "content" data attribute...

Any thoughts?

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Are you calling save on the Backbone.js model like this:

t = new Todo;

t.set({ 'content' : 'test' });


Or are you doing this:

t = new Todo;

t.save({ 'content' : 'test' });

Also is there any output from the web server into console when you try and save the model? That may help narrow down where the issue is.

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i figured it out... the instructions forgot to include the need to update Todo.js to make sure the :text variable in the example Todo app was updated to :content. So, without setting the value it was sending the default value to the server (which i knew from the json post) –  Jon Aug 25 '11 at 3:29
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It appears that the author of that post forgot a few steps. The todos.js file needed to include some changes to make sure the :text variable (in the backbone.js todo example) was changed to :content

for example the setText function

var text = this.model.get('content');

the close function

// Close the `"editing"` mode, saving changes to the todo.
    close: function() {
      this.model.save({content: this.input.val()});

and the createOnEnter function

// create new **Todo** model persisting it to *localStorage*.
    createOnEnter: function(e) {
      var text = this.input.val();
      if (!text || e.keyCode != 13) return;
      Todos.create({content: text});
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