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I wanted to use UCP(EMI)protocol, can anybody help me how to use it. Please provide me a UCP(EMI)protocol APi in C/C++ for the same.

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Here are the Specification for using UCP Protocol for sending SMS

on the Internetpage: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Computer_Protocol you can download the latest Specification:


Well here is an Example about using this Protocol:

Login example of the SMSC "STX"02/00058/O/60/"insert Short-ID"/6/5/1/"Encrypted Passwort"//0100////39//F5"ETX"

Positive Answer of SMSC System is "STX"02/00019/R/60/A//6F"ETX"

Write a SMS: "STX"03/00085/O/51/XXXXXXXXXX/SSSSS//1//7///////1408121759//////3//54657374/////////////36"ETX"

explaination: "Start of Message STX

"Head Message" "Transactionnumber"/"messageLength"/"Operation"/"OperationType"

"Body Message" /"Recipient"/"Short-ID"//"Notification Request"//"NotificationType"///////"Timestamp"//////"Type of Message"//"encrypted TextMessage"////////////"Checksum"

"End of Message" ETX

For more Information see please Specification Paper!

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