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I am using Eclipse Indigo. I already have some code that is stored in a repository outside of my workplace directory. The repository contains various projects and so it wouldn't make sense to include it in the workspace. I have created an empty Java ME project and I now want to import various source files and folders by linking them in. I've played around with various settings, but Eclipse insists on creating a top level folder to hold them. To be clear, the hierarchy is:

Java ME Project -> Unwanted Top Level Folder -> Source Files and Folders

Can I make it instead:

Java ME Project -> Source Files and Folders

Update: Thanks Srikanth for the doc link. According to it, the file system should have a "Create selected folders only" option, but it isn't showing in my version (3.7.0.v20110530)

enter image description here

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This feature does not seem to be available in Eclipse 3.7. In 3.6 (and maybe lower) it is possible though. While importing the existing src select Create selected folders only radio button.It will import only the wanted folders.

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Indigo doesn't seem to provide that option. Only "Overwrite existing resources without warning", "Create top-level folder", "Create links in workspace", "Create virtual folders", "Create link locations relative to..." –  Casebash Aug 23 '11 at 7:14
Once check this.… –  Srikanth Venkatesh Aug 23 '11 at 7:25
Updated the question with a screenshot –  Casebash Aug 24 '11 at 0:13
There is no screenshot.Once check it. –  Srikanth Venkatesh Aug 24 '11 at 8:50
I updated the question. Look above. –  Casebash Aug 24 '11 at 13:30

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