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as per the topic. If we used to call cursor.requery(), but it is now deprecated, how do you call this function now?

"This method is deprecated. Don't use this. Just request a new cursor, so you can do this asynchronously and update your list view once the new cursor comes back."

So how does one request a new cursor and pass it back to the adapter?

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again re-initialize cursor when your any DML query execute, can refer this

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Just think about a block where you need to use cursor again and again.Populate it with the query.Work with it and then close before reusing

   Cursor c=//Populating cursor again
   if(c!=null) c.close();
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Use a Loader to manage your cursors. It will return a new Cursor as needed and you can use swapCursor() on the adapter to refresh the data.

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Currently using 2.1. –  Maurice Aug 23 '11 at 6:31
You can use the compatibility library, it works with 1.6 and up. Or, if you don't care about Honeycomb, leave it as is. –  Nikolay Elenkov Aug 23 '11 at 6:33

I used ListAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); this worked only on list (like ArrayList), when the listcontent changed. Using databaseoutput, it doesn't work anymore. Therefore I took cursor.requery(); which is not only depricated. It also works only, if database entries changed.

But now, I want to change my view (switch between birthdays and dates) by changing my settings in a database, so requery does not recognize it.

For all changes works (a little bit dirty): this.onCreate(null);

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