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Is it possible to generate a CrystalReport without using the wizards of the DataSets and CrystalReports?

If so, which is the best way to tackle it?

So far, I've created an empty DataSet and an empty CrystalReport, and linked the CrystalReport to the latter DataSet using the wizard. Afterwords, I am creating a DataTable, putting this table into the DataSet and displaying it into a report. But an exception always generates telling me that no table was found. This is definetly not the case, since the same table is being viewed as a GridView at a previous stage.

Any help is highly appreciated,


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I think the CrystalReport will generate some kind of schema - so when you first show it a empty set it won't find the table afterwards. There should be some kind of "refresh database" inside the wizard.

Normaly you wan't to create a typed-dataset (with the VS-Designer) and show this to the wizard. Then everything works rather fine.

OT: But as a long time user of CR let me tell you: this tool is a pain in the A. - if there are more than one version of it on a system (and chances are pretty high for this) you will witness all kind of really bad behaviour.

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does this mean that crystal report generation can be done only through the wizard? if not, which steps should i take? I cannot use the wizard due that the nature of the application has to be as secured as possible. –  cgval Aug 23 '11 at 6:52
you want to define the layout yourself in code? I really don't know if this is possible - but there used to be code-constructs to validate and reinitialize the database(-scheme) through code. But it some years I had to do this and I think this part changed over the years - just play with intellisense and the document-class it should be there somewhere. –  Carsten Aug 23 '11 at 6:56
but I think you just want to create the report-document at runtime and export it or show it - right. Just feed the same kind of dataset/datatable you used in your layoutprocess to the Datasource(?) of the report and you should be fine - my appologies that I can't provide you with code/names but I don't have CR installed at home since it's not shipped with VS2010 anymore since SAP got it's hold on it. –  Carsten Aug 23 '11 at 6:58
@CKoenig - I think thats what he wants, exactly as you just said. He wants to bind a dataset/datatable to the report. Is this possible? –  Ryan S Aug 23 '11 at 7:04
yes of course - on the document is a (...source - I think it's indeed a mehtod named SetDataSource) method where you cann put IEnumerables, DataSets, DataTables, etc. in (and you will have to cast a typed Datatable to (DataTable) to find the right overload) and that's it. –  Carsten Aug 23 '11 at 7:15

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