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Hello Everyone          

Can anyone guide me how i can convert 4 hours ago, 3 hours ago etc into unix timestamp? It is often observed on many sites some time ago like 3 hours ago etc , i really need it to convert into unix timestamp, let me know if anyone have any idea?

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What language ? –  cnicutar Aug 23 '11 at 6:48
hey, that's a nice way to dodge the salutation squasher ! –  wim Aug 23 '11 at 6:55

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if it is always in the format "n Hours ago" you can convert n to an integer and then subtract 3600*n from the current unix timestamp.

Without knowing the language you are using it is hard to give a more detailed explanation.

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Here's a python solution.

def n_hours_ago(n):
  import time
  return time.time() - n*60*60

Example usage:

>>> print n_hours_ago(0) - n_hours_ago(1)
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From the command line, date can do this conversion for you:

date -d "3 hours ago" +"%s"

where +"%s" is a date format that simply means "print unix timestamp"

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