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In my asp.net application I have a some client side scripting that alters the page events and do different things. One problem I am having is when I post back to the server after all of the validation is done on the client side, I have a couple more validation checks on the server side (c#), and I want to show the proper error, but the page refreshes. I just would like to do some server side coding and if i need to go back to the page, go there as lasted viewed, with the error in the label, and changes i made on server side. Thanks for any help.

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So you want to preserve client side changes and server side changes after postback? Show example code. –  Loki Kriasus Aug 23 '11 at 7:14

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I think you must post it in ajaxy fashion.

I mean use ajax to post.. Evaluate the results on client side using JS. Then if everything is fine do a redirect. if errors exist you are still on that and can modify the html .

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Do your server side validations in an AJAX call instead of a normal page post back. Because, you are making a background server call, your page does not refresh and on validation failure, you can retain the browser side UI. If validation is successful then you can do your regular post-back for actual processing.

From implementation perspective, you can use Page Methods (or JSON WCF services) in ASP.NET AJAX for the same: see this tutorial to get started with Page Methods: http://www.singingeels.com/Articles/Using_Page_Methods_in_ASPNET_AJAX.aspx

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