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I am creating a login script.

When the user logs in I am at the minute pulling the data from mysql by setting a php session with the users email, then using that to pull an array for everything I need. Would it be better to carry on using a session, or to pull it from the url using $_GET, either is easy to do, just wondered from all angles which is better.


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The session should be used for storing user-specific data, like username. This is protected (the session contents are stored on the server side), while the $_GET can be modified by everyone.

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Ok cool, so as the email is specific to each user, it should be a session? –  carlgcoder Aug 23 '11 at 7:38
General idea: everything that comes from a user might be intentionally or unintentionally dangerous or misformed. That applies not only to $_GET, but also to $_POST, $_COOKIE and so on. So, it is a good idea to fetch everything that possible from secure sources, like your DB. Also, by setting $_SESSION variables you are able to retrieve it from any script without need to explicitly pass it via GET or POST request. –  J0HN Aug 23 '11 at 7:44

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