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I just wanted to know where the TCP/IP protocol suite will be located...is tat in NIC? if we have to add some functionality to it then where to implement?

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Unanswerable without context. What is your setup? –  themel Aug 23 '11 at 7:55

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TCP/IP stack is implemented by your operating system. NIC's aren't involved.

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if we have to add some functionality to it then where to implement? –  Nilanchala Aug 23 '11 at 7:52
What functionality? To do what? With what end goal in mind? Your question is on par with "I need something" - it's so vague that it's impossible to answer. –  Piskvor Aug 23 '11 at 7:54
@Neel: what OS are you talking about? –  Heisenbug Aug 23 '11 at 7:54
actually i wanted to know if v wanna add some functionality or just to change something in a particular layer of OSI model; then where to do those implementations? say in physical layer if i want some changes where all i can make. Can we do such changes? –  Nilanchala Aug 23 '11 at 9:00
@Neel:First of all.. what kind of changes are you talking about? That's improbable: changing TCP protocol would require that every other TCP machine you are talking with should implement your changes too. –  Heisenbug Aug 23 '11 at 9:05

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