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I have a ShareThis ( link in the footer of my Masterpage. The code they provide generates the link via Javascript. My site is very simple so far (, just a place to put your email. But when the email is entered, there is an AJAX postback and the link disappears! Is there any way to prevent this? How do I get the link to reload?


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Without code sample, I'm not sure--but I would guess you're not running the code after the postback.

Remember, UpdatePanels still run the whole page lifecycle--Init, Load, PreRender, etc. They only send back the rendered HTML for the particular block of code in the UpdatePanel. Other than that, it acts just as a complete postback does.

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Ok, so I think I figured it out... It was included in the same UpdatePanel. I took it out of that UpdatePanel and now it works fine. But shouldn't it reload it anyways?

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No, it's calling javascript. You need to reload the javascript. Look at ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript

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