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I am trying to set up solr in eclipse by following the instructions here: http://hokiesuns.blogspot.com/2010/01/setting-up-apache-solr-in-eclipse.html.

The distribution of solr that I downloaded does not have WEB-INF directory. I have added the jars that I found in lib to build path. However I get invalid run configuration error.

Can anyone who has solr set up in eclipse please confirm their settings and configurations.


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here's something that might help from a quick googling: In this sort of configuration Maven proves a life savior. Looking for a maven archetype (predefined project structure) I've found this. So in an empty dir try to run the mvn archetype:generate command they are quoting and finally if you are using eclipse run mvn eclipse:eclipse for the eclipse specific files so you can do Import > Existing Maven Projects from eclipse.

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Thanks!.I am still getting my head arnd the process. Hopefully after spending some time with it I would understand all the steps I am doing now. But for now this is what I understand : 1] Create a new directory in eclipse . 2] Go to the directory in terminal and while connected to internet run the command: mvn archetype:generate. 3] Select Choose archetype: local -> solr-standalone-archetype 4] This should have a pre set up project in my eclipse workspace and I can use port 8080 to run the server. This seem to use tomcat instead of jetty, where can I find the configuration for the server ? –  codeObserver Aug 23 '11 at 17:05
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The problem was that I had not extracted the war.

As Jem pointed out , the .war exists in dist directory. However dist directory itself doesnt exists in the downloaded source :). You need to do

ant dist

in the apache folder to get this.

Hope that helps someone else. I was able to get solr up and running using the command line as well as eclipse.

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Check the .war file in dist. It has a WEB-INF directory.

So extract the war file and use the files in the lib directory.

For this example I had to make a "classes" directory in WEB-INF

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Hi Jem, Can you please provide me a link where you are dnloading solr from . what is "dist". I cannot find the .war file anywhere . –  codeObserver Aug 23 '11 at 17:07
it seems like I need to do ant dist to have the war and jars populated –  codeObserver Aug 24 '11 at 3:02

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