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I am producing a receipt with my c# and CPCL code. I've got company name on the top of the receipt.Company name is setup according to who is using that software, I want be able to center that company name. I have tried with command CENTER but its not doing anything I dont know If I am doing something wrong.

My Code is:

SendData = " ! U1 setvar \"device.languages\" \"line_print\"\r\n";
SendData += " ! U SETLP 5 1 46\r\nPAGE-WIDTH 480\r\nSETBOLD 2\r\nPRINT\r\n";          
SendData += " ! U1 CENTER\r\n"+MobileOrdering.AppSettings.Company+"\r\n! U1 SETBOLD 0\r\n";
SendData += " ! U1 CENTER\r\n";
SendData += " ! U1 SETLP 0 2 24";
SendData += MobileOrdering.AppSettings.Address+"\r\n";

Pls help

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whats wrong with center command? can you show cpcl code? –  Reniuz Aug 23 '11 at 9:05
@Reniuz I've added my cpcl code, its just not centering, looks like its ignoring center command or I am doing completely wrong –  CPM Aug 23 '11 at 9:23

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Well as I understood correctly after reading a bit of this manual, you using in line print mode so you can justify just bar codes not text.

(from P9-15)

The BARCODE command is affected by the justification commands like “! U1 CENTER”.

(from P9-18)

The program must set up the file with all the spacing already inserted. Use only spaces, not tab characters, to make things line up correctly

to test if I'am correct try instead of company name add bar code, if it will be centered - I'am right :)

To add centered text you can also try just use commands in label mode:

! 0 200 200 210 1
TEXT 4 3 0 0 Centered Company Name
TEXT 4 3 0 0 Text on left

Hope that helps.

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