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this code working in extjs 3 but now i convet my app to extjs 4 its not working give any solution

var invent_el = Ext.getCmp('tabcon');    
var tab = invent_el.getItem('tab_Transfer');
         title    : 'Transfer Stock',
         html     : 'This is Order Tab...',
         activeTab: 0,
         closable : true ,
         id: 'tab_Transfer',
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I believe Transfer Stock is a tab panel, and in extjs 4 the tab panel does not have a autoLoad configuration. Replace the autoload config with a loader

loader: {
        url: '/reorder_details',
        scripts: true,
        autoLoad: true
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also check the render attribute - which changes how the fetched data is interpreted:!/api/… – Lester Cheung Sep 9 '11 at 5:31

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