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What is the Suse version of apt-get or yum?

How do I install software packages from the command line?

A fairly intense session of googling suggests that it may be yast or yast2, but no sensible HOWTO of listing and installing packages from the command line seems to exist. (maybe I am looking in the wrong place)

If I am an administrator for a remote Suse server, how do I install packages from the command line? (Not using a GUI and preferably installing from a central repo)

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Why was this question closed as "off topic"? It is a fairly straightforward software question, with one, well-defined answer. It has also attracted several upvotes. Please re-open, or explain why the question is not valid. –  Fergie Sep 19 at 7:44

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Found a tutorial for you

And official documentation

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Yes, that is the answer. Funny how this isnt more widely publicized. But great, thanks, that pointed me in the right direction. –  Fergie Aug 23 '11 at 10:33

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