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I am trying to find out how a driver is being installed on the system from a MSI setup package. I am currently using a program called InstEd to try and get an idea of what its doing:


I am interested in "MsiProcessDrivers" and "MsiInstallDrivers".

Can anyone reccomend how I can see how the drivers are being installed?

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The MS Sysinternals suite has some tools for monitoring registry and disk operations. Just run them prior to running the installation, and note the actions that are performed by the installer.

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Sysinternal's Process Monitor will show file system and registry changes being made: filter by msiexec processes.

Warning: for a non-trivial install this is likely to be a lot of operation.

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The two custom actions you reference (MsiProcessDrivers, and MsiInstallDrivers) are part of the DIFx Driver Installation Framework as used with Windows Installer.

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