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When i use command button to redirect to pages, inside my project, u just need to give the name of the page with no extention, followed by ?faces-redirect=true in the action attribute and i will get redirected.

But what if i want to get redirected to an external page(example:www.google.com)?

I tried in many ways:

www.google.com, google.com, http://google.com

but i failed.

This is what i did:

                action="#{mainPageBB.goToLink}" value="#{msgs.clickhere}"/>

and then the backing bean:

public class MainPageBB {

    private ILinkManagerEJB linkManagerEJB;

    public String goToLink() {      
        String link = linkManagerEJB.retrieveLink();
        if(link != null) {
            return link.trim() + "?faces-redirect=true";
        return null;

Note: the value returned by retrieveLink(); is always www.google.com(100% sure)

I get no errors at all in the console, the page just refreshes. Also i am sure the first if clause validates to true, so i see no reason for it to jump to return null.


I tried with external context, but i get a 404 because it appends the current url to the link string:

public String goToRandomLink() {        
        String link = linkManagerEJB.retrieveRandomLink();
        if(link != null) {      
            ExternalContext externalContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
            try {
            } catch (IOException e) {               
        return null;
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Use ExternalContext.redirect()

ExternalContext externalContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();

and if you know the link already just use

<a href="#{someBean.someLink}">#{msg.someMessage}</a>

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I think i am close, what happens when i do that is that the link String is appended to my projects URL, so i get a 404 error because i try to get redirected to: localhost:8080/MyProject/www.google.com –  sfrj Aug 23 '11 at 10:18
yes exactly . we aren't returning the URL but the view name.See this from BalusC –  Jigar Joshi Aug 23 '11 at 10:23
The only reason i know the link is because i placed the value www.google.com in purpose in the database, but in the future i don't know what the destination will be. So i need to find the way for that commandbutton to redirect to the falue saved in the link variable –  sfrj Aug 23 '11 at 10:26
ok cool.. <!---> –  Jigar Joshi Aug 23 '11 at 10:27
I just had a look at the link you gave me, i understand that but my problem is that my destination is some unknown external url that is retrived from the database(no in some folder in my project). I am not sure if ExternalContext is what i need for this, i am kind of confused. –  sfrj Aug 23 '11 at 10:30

You can do this creating an input with type="button" between a link tag "a". Something like this:

<a href="http://www.google.com">
    <input type="button" value="Button text" />
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