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I have taken care that there are atleast two calls when i am trying to make a conf call programatically using ConferencePhoneCallLog class.

1st) When the incoming call is established i take the number and create a PhoneCallLogID from it.

2nd) Then i make a outgoing call and create another PhoneCallLogID from it....both these are for used for creating the constructor of ConferencePhoneCallLog class.

Then i call the addParticipant(PhoneCallLogID) and pass the PhoneCallLogID of the 2nd call as the parameter to this funcation.

Extract from my code

            ConferencePhoneCallLog conf = new ConferencePhoneCallLog(new Date(),120,CallLog.STATUS_GENERAL_ERROR,confCall.incomingCallLogID,CallingScreen.phoneCallLogId,"none");

            conf.addParticipant(new PhoneCallLogID("7498186544"));         

I do not see any excpetion from this code but the conf call is also NOT getting established.

I googled for documentation on ConferencePhoneCallLog class, but could get anything of much use.

Hints or further reading documents in this direction would be of great help.


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