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I have few lines on text.

Random 14637547548546546546sadas3463427
Random 1463754754854654654sadsa63463427
Macroflex 1463754754854654sada65463463427
Random 146375475485465465sdas463463427
Random 1463754754854654fdasf65463463427

I would like to find a line what starts with Macroflex (in this case) and replace/delete it. This is what I have so far... I have tried over and over with regex, but it makes my head hurt. Can anyone give me an advice?

var myRegex = data.replace('Macroflex', '')
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You have to replace to the end of the line:

var myRegex = data.replace(/^Macroflex.*$/m, '');

Note that you have to specify the m flag to let ^ and $ work with newlines.

If you want to remove the newline after the line, you can match it:

var myRegex = data.replace(/^Macroflex.*\n?/m, '');

This works since . does not match newlines.

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and use /gm instead of /m if you have multiple occurrences of the line – beny23 Aug 23 '11 at 11:21
Sweet, now my comments work in MathJax: saturnapi.com/fullstack/equations-and-matrices – FullStack Nov 12 '15 at 7:13
How about ignoring spaces which the line might be indented with? – vsync Jul 7 at 12:10

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