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What would be the best way to use IFilter to extract textual content from pdf/word/whatever in an Azure solution?

I've seen examples of IFilter that use a stream, but what should the content of the stream be? Should it contain some sort of OLE headers and what not?

Sending the raw file content as a stream to IFilter doesnt seem to work.

Or would it be better to save the files to local file storage and let the IFilter read them from that location?

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using ifilter in azure will be tricky because several of the ifilters that are common on a desktop aren't available in an azure web/worker role.

You could create a durable VM in azure and install the missing ifilters.

However, if you're going to build your lucene index via a webupload you could just process the files into text as they are uploaded, and then index the text, and save the file off separately. Add a field to your index that lets you get back to the original source document.

Might be an easier way, but that's how I solved the same issue.

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