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I have an int value defined in one of my method:

int value = [self someMethodThatGetsAnINT];

Later on I have some "ifs" that check upon this value.

How to I express: if (value == nil)?

When I try do this intuitive code writing I get a warning saying:

Semantic Issue: Comparison between pointer and integer ('int' and 'void *')

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nil is just a 0 :) Try this :

if (0 == value)

However, why would you be testing nil against an int - something sounds funny here :)

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If you really want a nil value returned, you should probably be using NSNumber as your return type instead of int. NSNumber is an class that wraps scalar values in objective-c. You can put an integer in it when you have a valid return value, or return nil when you don't.

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you can probably use if (value == (int)nil) but really a function that returns an int shouldn't return nil as nil is not an integer (although it may be represented similarly).

this may help clear it up a little

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