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I need to highlight every whole block of code that is inside curly braces, so I created a rule:

<context id="action-body" style-ref="action-body" extend-parent="true">
      <context ref="builtin-vars" />
      <context ref="keywords" />

It highlights code, keywords and vars inside correctly, but it of course stops if there is another closing curly bracket inside. I know that it is not trivial for regular expressions to check level of recursion, but may be gtkSourceView syntax has something special for cases like these?

It is a serious thing, because a language (PegJS, in fact) I am making highlighting for can contain JavaScript code only inside curly braces, not outside. And I want to highlight them with one color exluding :)


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This way (from) highlights ok (gedit goes a little slow when cursor in braces) when such syntax is used on a single line, but not for multi-line:

<context id="action-body" style-ref="action-body">
   <!-- <include>
      <context ref="builtin-vars"/>
      <context ref="keywords"/>
   </include> -->

(and it do not allows me to use included contexts, but the spec says I can :( )

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The spec only says you can use included contexts in a container context. A container context may contain <start> and <end>, but not <match>. –  ptomato Aug 23 '11 at 22:18
@ptomato Yes, you are right, sorry. –  shaman.sir Sep 13 '11 at 13:30

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