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i have a div, div1 with a height according to the text, div2 is the same. Now i need div3 to be: div1 + div2

I have this code, but it ain't workin.

var lengthnews1 = ((document.getElementById("div1").offsetHeight)+"px");
var lengthnews2 = ((document.getElementById("div2").offsetHeight)+"px");
var x = document.getElementById("div3");
x.height = (lengthnews1 + lengthnews2); 
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You might also wanna check out Firebug (, so you can step through and debug your javascript... – peirix Aug 23 '11 at 12:02
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you are trying to add two strings, not numbers. Fetch both heights, add them and then add the "px" :

var lengthnews1 = ((document.getElementById("div1").offsetHeight));
var lengthnews2 = ((document.getElementById("div2").offsetHeight));

var x = document.getElementById("div3");
x.height = (lengthnews1 + lengthnews2) + "px"; 

You can verify the working code at this fiddle

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Thank you very much – Henk Jansen Aug 23 '11 at 12:15
@1ntello: Happy to help, these kind of small bugs drive me crazy as well! – Varun Vohra Aug 23 '11 at 12:32

You need to remove the "px" from lengthnews1 and lengthnews2 variables so you can add the two values together for var x, once added you can then add the "px".

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You need to set the height using Also you need to concat with "px" only once, ie (lengthnews1 + lengthnews2) + "px"

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