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I am wondering how to open a website inside Outlook 2007 programmatically using C#?

and still retain the ToDo bar.

thank you

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Option A (Outlook built-in browser):

(Office.CommandBarComboBox)this.Application.ActiveExplorer().CommandBars.FindControl(Office.MsoControlType.msoControlComboBox, 1740, missing, missing);

Option B (customPanel (retains todobar)):

Globals.ThisAddIn.CustomTaskPanes.Add(new TaskPanel(), "Browser", explorer);
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Put your codes in a code block, it will improve your answer readability. –  Afshin Mehrabani Nov 29 '12 at 23:16

I'm not sure, but I bet you can display a Windows Forms form, right? Put a WebBrowser control on that form, and you're all set.

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Option A from ricardojferreira's answer works good in Outlook 2007 and 2010. But it doesn't work in 2013.

Is there a convenient way to do it in 2013?

I know about WebViewURL property of MapiFolder, but to make it work nice I need to create special folder just for browsing urls.

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