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I'm trying to get a method in place that registers link clicks. After reading about this subject and trying a lot I don't get it to function. My best try, which does not work, is <%= link_to person.name, person_url, :method => :count_new %>. The person_url is the url I want people who click the link should go to. The count_new method looks like this:

stat = Stat.find_by_country(params[:country])
stat = stat.download+=1

The params[:country] is in the url. I know update_attributes works better but I'll get to that later.

I looked into counting the views on the person_url page but I really want to register clicks from different links in stead of registering views on the actual page user go to.

I'm on rails 3.

Any help is appreciated.


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2 Answers

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stat = stat.download+=1
 ^      ^      ^
model   ^      ^ 
      model    ^
           attribute of model

You're trying to save an integer to your stat model when you should be updating its attribute, download (I assume).

@stat.update_attribute(download, :download += 1)


Your link_to looks off:

<%= link_to person.name, count_person_path, :remote => true %>

have this in your routes to make this work:

map.resources do 
  member do
    get :count

also add rails 3 javascript helpers for the remote => true call:


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Mark,sorry the code I copied in was not the correct one. It was stat.download+=1 which does basically the same as your suggestion. The difficulty for me here is not so much as getting a counter going but getting it to count on a click while executing person_url. –  Rutger Aug 25 '11 at 8:20
Hard to know what your problem is but have a look at my edit, see if it helps. –  mark Aug 25 '11 at 8:46
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