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I'm working on an old project in asp I've never worked with vb6 or asp before I am a .net developer


I made a .net dll and changed some compile options to make it work with vb6 the code doesnt matter

I made a "wrapper kinda" dll in vb6

Public Function EncryptWrapper(ByVal parameterstring As String, ByVal isShaIn As String, ByVal HashType As String) As String
    Dim o
    Set o = CreateObject("SHA1Module.Conversion")
    EncryptWrapper = CStr(o.EncryptToSHA1(CStr(parameterstring), CBool(isShaIn), CLng(HashType)))
End Function

and a form in vb6 that calls it

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim message
    Dim myObject
    Set myObject = CreateObject("SHAModuleWrapper.Encryption")
    message = myObject.EncryptWrapper(txtIn.Text, "1", "2")
    Set myObject = Nothing
    txtOut.Text = message
End Sub

this works perfectly

now in asp I try calling that dll and I get an error

<%  Dim strMessage 
    Dim message
    strMessage = "hello"
    Dim myObject
    Set myObject = Server.CreateObject("SHAModuleWrapper.Encryption")
        message = myObject.EncryptWrapper("testdagtestdagtest", "1", "0")

this is the error message

SHAModuleWrapper error '800a0005'

Invalid procedure call or argument

/asptest/Default.asp, line 15

It's not the parameters or the output it's this part that is causing the trouble

**Dim o
Set o = CreateObject("SHA1Module.Conversion")
EncryptWrapper = CStr(o.EncryptToSHA1(CStr(parameterstring), CBool(isShaIn), CLng(HashType)))**

Does anybody have an idea?

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Dim o 
Dim message
Dim myObject

These lines are cause for concern. These will be a variant as they are not a defined type.

Option Explicit is your friend in VB6 - use it always!

Have a look at this link: Avoid program bugs in VB6 with the Option Explicit statement for more information.

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thanks for the interesting link, I'm not used to working vb or even The reason I wrote this sloppy code is because intellisense in vb6 is not as pro as I'm used to in vs2010/vs2008. I guess I took the easy way out :). – BBQ Aug 24 '11 at 14:26
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A lot of frustration and batch files later I found the solution. I needed to create a strong name for my assembly and register it in the GAC

This is a good step by step tutorial on how to solve this issue Tutorial

these 2 steps helped me

8) Generate a public/private key pair

sn -k MarkItUp.key

9) Add the attribute to my assembly for registering it:

<Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("C:\MarkItUp.key")>
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in your bad code you have
Set o = CreateObject("SHA1Module.Conversion")
should it be
Set o = CreateObject("SHA1Module.Encryption")

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My question might seem a litle confusing. But SHA1Module.Conversion is the .net class and SHAModuleWrapper.Encrypten is the vb6 class (the wrapper). The only reason I tried a wrapper is because someone at the office thought this might work. – BBQ Aug 24 '11 at 14:21

Check that IUSR_Machine has permission to execute your dlls.

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