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anchorobject = document.getElementById('backbutton');

<a href="" id="backbutton">back</a>

The above code alerts the href attribute string ( Not the object itself. The file I am editing is just a local file which I want to use in some third party program in the future. First, I am coding it on my local computer. When I try to get the object of a DIV it works just fine.

Why can't I get the object of an anchor (<a>) tag in JavaScript using document.getElementById()?

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alert(anchorobject.constructor); – naveen Aug 23 '11 at 14:08
See this jsfiddle for all the attributes of that anchor object. – Jamiec Aug 23 '11 at 14:08

You are getting the anchor object. It's just that alert is a very poor debugging solution. If you alert an anchor object, it will just show you it's href. See this example. Instead, I would recommend using Firebug or Chrome with console.log.

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How about this?

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The anchorobject is your actuall anchor object, but if you use it as a string (in your case with an alert()), the object's toString() method creates a string from the href tag.

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