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Is there any cross-platform node-based designer software for free? Something like Graphviz meets FreeMind.

FreeMind would be otherwise great if there was no that central point. I don't want software where you position the nodes in pixel-perfect places. I want to extend existing nodes like in FreeMind. Graphviz in other hand explodes at some point and nodes fly everywhere and then you have to use anchoring which is same as using pixel-perfect positioning like in SmartDraw. ArgoUML is also too "heavy".

Example from Graphviz: (see also gallery)

alt text

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I already asked this, so it's a dupe. But the answer is yEd. It's a good tool for this purpose

Note: I'm on a phone so I can't link

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Ok. ? – raspi Apr 4 '09 at 1:19
yup, that's the one, it's quite good once you get a hand of it. I parse the Xml with Xslt to generate code from the graphs. – Robert Gould Apr 4 '09 at 1:46

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