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In some case, I need to copy from a node template and fill some fields of the node with json data. How can I do that? For example in HTML file I have written such a template:

<div id="template" style="display:none">

and my json data is


and I want to generate three nodes and append them to the document.

Also, the

node maybe binded with some click event and I want the new node actions too.

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You'd be best off using a templating library - my favourite is jQuery.tmpl but there are others.

You'd have to modify your template like so:

<script id='template' type='text/x-jquery-tmpl'>

then render it like this:


where data is your array. This will create a separate template instance for each member of the array.

For a quick guide to jQuery.tmpl have a look at my slides or my presentation.

If you want to bind events, either bind them after you've added the rendered template to the DOM, or use live or delegate.

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