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I need to rotate my image of a car X degrees to indicate the direction of travel. Right now I have this working code to draw the image on a GDI+ surface.

int hdc = Display.hDC;
IntPtr p = new IntPtr(hdc);
graphics = Graphics.FromHdc(p);
newImage = Image.FromFile(carImage);
System.Drawing.Point ulCorner = new System.Drawing.Point(x - 25, y -15);

//graphics.RotateTransform(45); //tried this line, when i used it, it drew nothing.
graphics.DrawImage(newImage, ulCorner);

how to rotate X degrees?

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Here's how to rotate an image

 //move rotation point to center of image
  graphics.TranslateTransform((float)newImage.Width/2,(float)newImage.Height / 2);
  //move image back
  graphics.TranslateTransform(-(float)newImage.Width/2,-(float)newImage.Height / 2);
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I tried this code, but nothing drew on my screen. I don't know if this is relevant, but I'm using WPF with a winformshost, and the hosting ESRI's ArcEngine app. – Patrick Aug 23 '11 at 15:12

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