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Can anyone please help me out with a small test game I'm creating. I'm basically creating this game to learn a few things about HTML5 and so far it's all been good. I've been able to create a canvas with a air balloon that can fly and drops to the bottom when it's not. Now I want the air balloon to be able to stop on another block image, which I've called "level1". If someone could perhaps have a look at it and view the source and suggest how I would do this, I would appreciate it. Thanks again. :)

EDIT: Or perhaps this isn't the most efficient way to create a level. If it isn't then please say. :)


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As you did with "landing on the bottom"

if (playerPosY >= canvas.height - playerImg.height) {
    playerVelY = 0;
    playerPosY = canvas.height - playerImg.height;
else {
    playerVelY += 0.8;

you need the balloon to stop falling when it reaches the coordinates of the level. I guess there is nothing wrong with your level, you just have to set the playerVelY to 0.

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