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I have created a class with one of the member variables is of type range. Now if I try to initialize or set the value of that range I error: Object Variable or with block variable not set. Now I thought it was because it get initialized as Nothing but if I use the class sub Class_Initialize and try to set a default there, it still errs. So what gives?

Private pRng As Range
Private pstype As Boolean

Public Property Get Rng() As Range
    Rng = pRng
End Property

Public Property Let Rng(Value As Range)
   pRng = Value
End Property

Public Property Get Stype() As Boolean
   Stype = pstype
End Property

Public Property Let Stype(Value As Boolean)
    pstype = Value
End Property

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    pRng = Range("A1")
    pstype = True
End Sub
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You need to use the Set keyword to initialize or set the range, e.g., :

Set Rng = pRng
Set pRng = Value
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Ohhhhh, I got it thanks! Creating an array of these objects is next... –  riotburn Aug 23 '11 at 17:11
Because VBA assigns default properties to objects, you need to use the Set statement for objects. This lets Excel differentiate between rng the range or rng with it's default rng.value. –  RonnieDickson Aug 23 '11 at 17:56

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