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I'm trying to allocate memory for array of pointers to object. ObjectP is a pointer to struct named Object. before that function, I declare on array as: ObjectP* array. So array is pointer to array of pointers to object. Then I send &array so I'll have a pointer to that. Say my table_size is 2. I get Segmentation fault when I try to enter *array[1]=NULL. What is the problem?

This is my code:

    void allocateArrayMemory(ObjectP** array,size_t table_size)
    int i=0;
    for (i = 0; i < (int)table_size; ++i)
    printf("finished allocating\n");

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Please edit your question and adjust the formatting. – Aleks G Aug 23 '11 at 15:05
Try (*array)[i]=NULL;. – Kerrek SB Aug 23 '11 at 15:07
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The code *array[i]=NULL; is acting like *(array[i])=NULL; and what you want is (*array)[i]=NULL;.

When i=1, *(array[i]) dereferences the struct Object *** that follows the struct Object *** you passed in to allocateArrayMemory, while (*array)[i] dereferences the second struct Object ** in the freshly-malloced memory area.

Some notes:

  1. Fix the spelling of 'Segmentation' in title.

  2. Test the result of malloc before using. In your code, you have a test after using *array; move it up.

  3. I suggest using memset(*array, 0, table_size*sizeof(ObjectP)); instead of a loop to initialize *array.

  4. It's bad form in C to cast the malloc result. Instead just say *array = malloc(table_size*sizeof(ObjectP));.

  5. As a matter of style, I'd have allocateArrayMemory be a function that returns the address of allocated memory, instead of via parameter. For example:

    ObjectP* allocateArrayMemory(size_t table_size) {

    ObjectP *array = malloc(table_size*sizeof(ObjectP));


    if(array==NULL) { printf ...; return NULL; }


    for (i=0; i < table_size; ++i)


    array[i] = NULL;




    return array;

and in the caller, ObjectP *a; ... a = allocateArrayMemory(6);.

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