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for /F "tokens=*" %* in (C:\Test.txt) do (md "C:\TEMP\%*" || cd "C:\TEMP\%*" || md "Computer" || md "Email")

With this command I can create the one folder per name in test.txt but it won't let me create the subfolders.

Ideally it would create folder Smith then every folder would get two identical subfolders Car and House.

Thanks for any help.

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Very impressive usage of batch script. :-) It has been long since I last saw someone writing .bat script. Would you try:

for /F "tokens=*" %x in (C:\Test.txt) do mkdir c:\temp\%x\Computer c:\temp\%x\Email
  • mkdir accepts multiple directory names.
  • you must do "cd .." if you do "cd C:\temp" at first. but cd is not necessary at all.
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Great! Thank you. –  Sam Aug 23 '11 at 16:58
@shr . can you tell me how i can read prefix names from text file and change the files names located in a folder using those prefixes ? text file looks like this mango,A.jpg(one below each other) and i want to change A.jpg to mango_A.jpg and ... could you show me how this can be done?Thanks in advance. –  user1788736 Nov 18 '13 at 7:02
@user1788736 I'm not very good at batch scripting. Though just read a Microsoft Document and got an idea like for /f "delims=*" %l in (test.txt) do for /f "delims=, tokens=1,2" %a in ("%l") do echo rename %b %a_%b. Try and check the output makes what you want, and then remove echo part and run again. –  shr Nov 22 '13 at 7:03

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