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I found these in open JDK (System.c file)

static JNINativeMethod methods[] = {
    {"currentTimeMillis", "()J",              (void *)&JVM_CurrentTimeMillis},
    {"nanoTime",          "()J",              (void *)&JVM_NanoTime},
    {"arraycopy",     "(" OBJ "I" OBJ "II)V", (void *)&JVM_ArrayCopy},

#undef OBJ

Java_java_lang_System_registerNatives(JNIEnv *env, jclass cls)
    (*env)->RegisterNatives(env, cls,
                            methods, sizeof(methods)/sizeof(methods[0]));

but I was not able to find the native implemetations of these functions currentTimeMillis nanoTime arraycopy

Form where can I get the native implementations of these functions ? Is that available in open JDK?

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if found it in


JVM_LEAF(jlong, JVM_CurrentTimeMillis(JNIEnv *env, jclass ignored))
 return os::javaTimeMillis();

the real implementation (for linux) is in


the other methods are just below it

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