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I have about 1000 folders that I want to extract a single file from to upload to a server but I need to preserve the directory tree.

cp */myFile.txt ../newTree

Is what I basically want to do but instead of each file being saved to ../newTree/myFile.txt I want it to be ../newTree/*/myFile.txt where the * is the wildcard from the cp command.

I couldn't find a flag in the man file for this so I'm thinking I may need another utility besides cp

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With rsync:

find ./ -name myFile.txt -print0|rsync -0adv --files-from=- ./ ../newTree/

Without rsync:

You can find all files, for each file you create the directory in the newTree, and copy the file to it.

for file in */myFile.txt; do
    dir=$(dirname "$file")
    mkdir -p "../newTree/$dir"
    cp "$file" "../newTree/$dir"
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Thanks, I don't really understand the rsync but I will look into it. The script is more in line with my comfort level –  Brad Dwyer Aug 23 '11 at 16:23
Just a followup to this, it should be dir=$(dirname "$file") –  Brad Dwyer Aug 23 '11 at 18:07

Store all the files in a tar archive , then extract it on the server.

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or do the same, sending the output from tar to stdout, then piping to another tar process that will unpack stdin: find ./ -name myFile.txt -print0 | tar cvf - | tar xvf - -C ../newTree/ –  Barton Chittenden Aug 23 '11 at 23:19

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